Episode #2 – I’m Back

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Welcome to Ba Ba Blacksheep a podcast hosted by BowPeep for all the fiberholics out there. I’m glad you dropped by and I hope you enjoy the show. Put yourself on the map.

Hi, I’m BowPeep a shepherdess who is a fiberholic.  I wish to remain anonymous, one…I’m not an expert and secondly I wish to protect the innocent.

I have learned a lot and want to “Pay it Forward” by sharing things I’ve learned along the way.

If you discover who I really am, please keep it a secret and instead experience the joy of “Pay it Forward“.

Episode #2 – I’m Back
Listen here

Life on the Farm – updates on the cast and crew

Meet the flock, introducing the ewes and rams. The girls, Daisy, Dot, Bella, Tara, Clara Bella and I almost forgot Little Shit.

Meet Daisy, the one in the front

Meet Daisy

The guys, in no particular order, Smee, Chris and Randy.

Introducing Manny and Belle, the LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs). They are Great Pyrenees dogs, the gentle giants that look like white bear. They keep the wild animals away, including real bear.

WIPWorks in progress, what’s on the needles, wheel or in the dyepot

The back of my Cassidy Cardigan by Chic Knits

The back of my Cassidy Cardigan by Chic Knits

Cassidy sweater by ChicKnits
Classy Slip-Up socks from Knit Socks! by Betsy McCarthy
Christmas Afghan

It Had to Be Ewe – breed Information and the different types of wool

Discussions on Bradford Count and Micron Counts
University of Oklahoma – Sheep Directory
Nebraska Sheep Directory

Fodder – Tips, Tricks and Techniques I’ve learned along the way (if you have suggestions, send them in…more on that later)

Using charts and tips

Pet Peeves

What bugs you?
Computer anti-virus virus
Running out of yarn mid row

Greensleeves and The Frog Pond – ripping, repairing and swearing (no swearing on the air though, it’s a family friendly show)

Cassidy sweater by ChicKnits

Say What? – Tidbits and terms used in spinning, knitting, dyeing, weaving

Stranded knitting

Book reviews – From My Bookshelf

The Art of Fair Isle Knitting by Anne Feitelson, Interweave Press

Barnyard Banter – slang expressions that originated on the farm

Got Your Goat

Got Your Goat

Got your Goat

Off topic Topics or Guests – Discussions on the various fiber crafts, each show will look closer at aspects of a particular craft or an occasional guest

Knitting with Color
Entrelac, Intarsia, Slip stitch knitting, double knitting, tufted knitting, shadow knitting and stranded knitting.

The scarf mentioned in last week’s episode,  Counterpoint Scarf by Jennifer Crawford (Piano Keyboard scarf), is an example of shadow knitting.

Fair Isle is a form of stranded knitting but, not all stranded knitting is Fair Isle.  Differences between Fair Isle, Scandinavian, Latvian, Estonian, Shetland, Bohus stickning, Peruvian/Andean, Turkish, Icelandic, Nordic knitting and more.

Ravelry Tips – ways to get the most out of Ravelry

Join Ravelry if you haven’t already.
Make the most use of Favorites and the pink hearts.

Songs to Spin By – some music to spin or knit by, featuring a new artist or song each show

Multi-colored Lady,  performed by Wilson Black
More of his songs at MusicAlley.com

Thank you for listening, see you next time.

Song Credits
Songs used in the show all by: Wren Ross
Ba Ba Blacksheep
It Had to Be Ewe
76 Stitches
More of her songs can be found at MusicAlley.com

Blog and Show Notes: www.bowpeep.wordpress.com
Ravelry ID: BowPeep
Ravelry Group: BaBaBlacksheep
Send your questions or comments: blacksheep.bowpeep@gmail.com

Copyright 2010 by Ba Ba Blacksheep

About bowpeep

I have a flock of sheep and am a fiberholic with a podcast, Ba Ba Blacksheep.
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