Episode #14 – Knitting Candy

Welcome to Ba Ba Blacksheep a podcast hosted by BowPeep for all the fiberholics out there. I’m glad you dropped by and I hope you enjoy the show. Put yourself on the map.

Hi, I’m BowPeep a shepherdess who is a fiberholic. I wish to remain anonymous, one…I’m not an expert and secondly I wish to protect the innocent.

I have learned a lot and want to “Pay it Forward” by sharing things I’ve learned along the way.

If you discover who I really am, please keep it a secret and instead experience the joy of “Pay it Forward“.

Episode #14 – Knitting Candy
Listen here

Life on the Farm – updates on the cast and crew

WIPWorks in progress, what’s on the needles, wheel or in the dyepot

Spinning – still working on spinning the Finn/Angora blend spun woolen


Haruni finish Chart A extra repeat

Haruni finish Chart A extra repeat

Knitting – Haruni shawl. Finished Chart A and did one extra repeat. Started Chart B and adding beads. Stitch markers ARE your friend at this point for sure.

Marinating – Potato Chip Scarf using some handspun “Goldfish with a Tutu” dyed by AllSpunUp.

Will be coming out of hibernating status – Cassidy sweater by ChicKnits

It Had to Be Ewe – breed Information and the different types of wool



Coopworth Sheep

University of Oklahoma – Sheep Directory
Nebraska Sheep Directory
In Sheep’s Clothing, A Handspinner’s Guide to Wool
Deer Run Sheep Farm – history of the Coopworth breed
American Coopworth Registry
Coopworth Sheep Society of New Zealand

Fodder – Tips, Tricks and Techniques I’ve learned along the way (if you have suggestions, send them in…more on that later)

Knitting with beads.  Which ones to buy, what size to get and how to do it.
Japanese beads made by Miyuki, Toho or Matsuno are best and I tell you why.
Seed beads are best using 6/0 for fingering weight yarn or 8/0 for lace weight yarn.
More information on knitting with beads.

Video showing how to knit with beads courtesy of Nelkin Designs.

Another tutorial of using the super floss method is also in Ravelry here. (You must be logged into Ravelry for the link to work.)

Pet Peeves

What bugs you?

Traveling YO.

Greensleeves and The Frog Pond – ripping, repairing and swearing (no swearing on the air though, it’s a family friendly show)

Say What? – Tidbits and terms used in spinning, knitting, dyeing, weaving

Barbara Walker A Treasury of Knitting Patterns

Barbara Walker A Treasury of Knitting Patterns

Faggotting explained in A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker.

What is faggoting? Different types of faggoting in knitting, often used in lace patterns as part of or all of the design.

Book reviews – From My Bookshelf

Spinning for Lace Margaret Stove

Spinning for Lace Margaret Stove

Spinning Lace DVD with Margaret Stove

Margaret Stove demonstrates how to spin lace yarn with merino. She covers everything from washing the fleece in the lock, to spinning a more elastic yarn for lace. Also featured are some of her beautiful shawls that she has designed, spun and knitted and in some cases dyed. I’m glad I added this to my bookshelf, it is a good reference to watch again and again.

Barnyard Banter – slang expressions that originated on the farm

“Pulling the wool over your eyes.”

Off topic Topics or Guests – Discussions on the various fiber crafts, each show will look closer at aspects of a particular craft or an occasional guest

Stitches used in knitting lace. Karin from Knit Picks demonstrates the common stitches used in lace.

Falling Birch Leaves designed by Linda Choo, it’s a free pattern on Ravelry and is a great beginners lace pattern with step by step instructions in the pattern on reading charts, the stitches used and blocking your finished lace. (You must be logged into Ravelry for the link to the pattern to work.)

Ravelry Tips – ways to get the most out of Ravelry

Join Ravelry if you haven’t already.

Eye candy.

Songs to Spin By – some music to spin or knit by, featuring a new artist or song each show

Life is a River - Nick Tann

Life is a River - Nick Tann

Life is a River performed by Nick Tann

Courtesy of MusicAlley.com

Thank you for listening, see you next time.

Song Credits

Wren Ross blog "Stories of Fiber"

Wren Ross blog "Stories of Fiber"

Songs used in the show all by: Wren Ross
Ba Ba Blacksheep
It Had to Be Ewe
76 Stitches
You can find more about Wren Ross at her blog

Blog and Show Notes: www.bowpeep.wordpress.com
Ravelry ID: BowPeep
Ravelry Group: BaBaBlacksheep
Send your questions or comments: blacksheep.bowpeep@gmail.com

Copyright 2011 by Ba Ba Blacksheep

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I have a flock of sheep and am a fiberholic with a podcast, Ba Ba Blacksheep.
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