Episode #24 – Sweet Mother Blues


Dot's new ewe lamb

New ewe on the block - Dot's girl

Welcome to Ba Ba Blacksheep a podcast hosted by BowPeep for all the fiberholics out there. I’m glad you dropped by and I hope you enjoy the show. Put yourself on the map.

Hi, I’m BowPeep a shepherdess who is a fiberholic. I wish to remain anonymous, one…I’m not an expert and secondly I wish to protect the innocent.

I have learned a lot and want to “Pay it Forward” by sharing things I’ve learned along the way.

If you discover who I really am, please keep it a secret and instead experience the joy of “Pay it Forward“.

You can listen to this episode here.

Life on the Farm– updates on the cast and crew

Dot's little ram lamb

The new ram on the block - Dot's little guy

Dot has twins, one ewe and one ram born on May 5, 2011 around 8:30 AM. Both are black lambs.  The little ewe has a little bit of white on the top of her head and a flashy white blaze between her eyes. She also has a gray patch on her right front shoulder. Her picture is at the beginning of this episode’s blog post. The little ram is all black with only a few white hairs on the top of his head.  Here’s a picture of the little guy.

WIPWorks in progress, what’s on the needles, wheel or in the dyepot


Still working on my Merino/Tussah Silk (80/20) blend from Yarn Hollow, colorway “Red Rocks and Spruce”. I split the roving in half lengthwise and I’m almost finished with the first half.


A new pair of socks on the needles. These are for me….me….me….made with Opal sock yarn in wool/nylon.


Weaving placemats

Placemats on the Flip loom

Still working on the placemats with a modified log cabin pattern from Handwoven Treasury. Using my 15″ Flip RH loom with a 10 dent heddle and warped with 3/2 cotton in natural and brown. I’m almost finished with the second placemat. I’m getting really good with unweaving.

It Had to Be Ewe– breed Information and the different types of wool

Bond rams

Bond rams

Bond Sheep Registry for USA
Australian Bond Sheep Breeder’s Association

University of Oklahoma – Sheep Directory
Nebraska Sheep Directory
In Sheep’s Clothing, A Handspinner’s Guide to Wool

Fodder – Tips, Tricks and Techniques I’ve learned along the way (if you have suggestions, send them in…more on that later)

Software programs for fiberholics. I’ve recently come across several weaving programs.

Two software programs for drafts in weaving, both are free programs.
PixieLoom Weaving Software
Pike’s Peak Weavers Guild – WeaveDesign (A Software Program for Creating Weaving Drafts and Drawdowns)

Two Warp and Weft Calculators – one is easy and the other more involved
Village Weaver’s version – very precise and involved
JoOwl’s Yarn Calculation Worksheet – simple version

PlaidMaker – Make Plaid online

Pet Peeves

What bugs you?

Forgetting how to do simple math. The more I learn, the more I forget….sound familiar?

Greensleeves and The Frog Pond– ripping, repairing and swearing (no swearing on the air though, it’s a family friendly show)

The unweaving continues….and I’m getting good at it…unweaving that is.

Say What?– Tidbits and terms used in spinning, knitting, dyeing, weaving

“EPS” – Elizabeth’s Percentage System
Created by Elizabeth Zimmermann, the mother of knitting.

Book reviews – From My Bookshelf

Knitting AroundKnitting Around
by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Meg Swansen's KnittingMeg Swansen’s Knitting
by Meg Swansen

Barnyard Banter– slang expressions that originated on the farm

“Mum’s the word”

Off topic Topics or Guests– Discussions on the various fiber crafts, each show will look closer at aspects of a particular craft or an occasional guest

Elizabeth Zimmermann, the mother of knitting and her daughter, Meg Swansen
Schoolhouse Press
Knitting Camp
TWIR – This Week in Ravelry article (Issue #11) about Elizabeth Zimmermann and Schoolhouse Press 50th Anniversary celebration

Ravelry Tips– ways to get the most out of Ravelry

Join Ravelry if you haven’t already.

TWIRThis Week in Ravelry
The group in Ravelry for TWIR
Current issue of TWIR (This week’s issue is #85). You can find the link to the latest issue at anytime on the main Ravelry website page when you log in.

Mean Gene Kelton & The Die HardsSongs to Spin By– some music to spin or knit by, featuring a new artist or song each show

Sweet Mother Blues by Mean Gene Kelton & the Die Hards

Courtesy of MusicAlley.com

Thank you for your donations to the podcast. I couldn’t go on without your generous support.

Thank you for listening, see you next time.

Song Credits

Wren Ross blog "Stories of Fiber"
Wren Ross blog “Stories of Fiber

Songs used in the show all by: Wren Ross
Ba Ba Blacksheep
It Had to Be Ewe
76 Stitches
You can find more about Wren Ross at her blog

Blog and Show Notes: www.bowpeep.wordpress.com
Ravelry ID: BowPeep
Ravelry Group: BaBaBlacksheep
Send your questions or comments: blacksheep.bowpeep@gmail.com

Copyright 2011 by Ba Ba Blacksheep

About bowpeep

I have a flock of sheep and am a fiberholic with a podcast, Ba Ba Blacksheep.
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