Episode #31 – For Love And Money


Welcome to Ba Ba Blacksheep a podcast hosted by BowPeep for all the fiberholics out there. I’m glad you dropped by and I hope you enjoy the show. Put yourself on the map.

Hi, I’m BowPeep a shepherdess who is a fiberholic. I wish to remain anonymous, one…I’m not an expert and secondly I wish to protect the innocent.

I have learned a lot and want to “Pay it Forward” by sharing things I’ve learned along the way.

If you discover who I really am, please keep it a secret and instead experience the joy of “Pay it Forward“.

You can listen to this episode here.
[audio “http://hw.libsyn.com/p/8/2/7/827e442f71d42e32/Episode_31_-_For_Love_And_Money.mp3“]

Life on the Farm– updates on the cast and crew

Skirting with friends, we skirt one black ram and one white ewe. They find out it’s not the most romantic part of processing a fleece.

The boys have a “barn party”.

WIPWorks in progress, what’s on the needles, wheel or in the dyepot

Natural Dyeing – what’s in the pot

Rug yarn dyed in corn plants that were thinned from the garden. Three skeins (total 300 yds) will remain yellow and the other three will be overdyed with indigo for two different shades of green (300 yds. for each color).

I’ve got another pot of alum mordanted rug yarn for some dyeing with St. John’s Wort which will be a yellow/gold.  I’ll keep 3 skeins of just St. John’s Wort and overdye six skeins in two shades of green (again 300 yds. per color).


Garden for JoeMy most personal challenge is spinning my memories of Joe into good times and not the pain of losing him. A picture of Joe’s garden I planted for him to enjoy from his bedroom window.

Tour de Fleece 2011

The fiber I plan to spin during the tour

The Tour de Fleece (TdF) has started. July 2 through July 24, 2011 I will be competing in the TdF. I am on three teams this year, Team HY/SE/SCF, Team Yarn Hollow and last but not least, Team Russian Underpants (a team of spinners with antique and Canadian Production Wheels (CPW).

CPW and Minstrel

CPW and Minstrel

The tools or wheels I’ll be using during the TdF this year. On the left is a Canadian Production Wheel made by Frederic Bordua made in St. Hyacinth, Canada over 100 years ago. The wheel on the right is my Kromski Minstrel wheel.

Carried Away

Carried Away

My first project for TdF is 100% Polwarth from Southern Cross Fibre in Australia. The colorway was in collaboration with Hello Yarn.



A cowl for my neice’s birthday, June 24th. Spun from Southern Cross Fibre (SCF) Polwarth in the colorway, Border Crossing. More about that in Greensleeves.


You guessed it the placemats are still waiting their turn. If I could only spend another day I could get them off the loom. Where do I find more time?

It Had to Be Ewe– breed Information and the different types of wool




American Polypay Sheep Association

University of Oklahoma – Sheep Directory
Nebraska Sheep Directory
In Sheep’s Clothing, A Handspinner’s Guide to Wool


Fodder – Tips, Tricks and Techniques I’ve learned along the way (if you have suggestions, send them in…more on that later)

Sweetgrass airs on July 5th on your local PBS station. Shepherd’s in Montana are filmed over the course of 3 years (filming). The film depicts the one year life of shepherds and their dogs that care for a flock of sheep. The film includes lambing, maintanence of the sheep and bringing the flock to the “Sweetgrass” in the mountains for the summer.

Sweetgrass Trailer

ASI 2011 Photo Contest2011 Contest Information

2011 Contest Info


Pet Peeves

What bugs you?

Computer upgrades that foobar my system. Last week when attempting to post the show notes I got a popup from WordPress that instructed me to upgrade my Mozilla Firefox to the latest version, v.5.0. I proceeded to upgrade to find out that this latest version of Firefox turns off my McAfee Real Time Scanning feature and would not allow me to enable the feature in McAfee to turn it back on. Firefox upgrade also informed me that I would no longer be able to run Skype in this browser.

Goodbye Firefox! Hello Internet Explorer (full time).

Greensleeves and The Frog Pond– ripping, repairing and swearing (no swearing on the air though, it’s a family friendly show)

Cast off the cowl in a knit bind off and it’s to tight. Must rip out two rows and redo with a stretchier bind off. Otherwise who’s it going to fit?

Say What?– Tidbits and terms used in spinning, knitting, dyeing, weaving

“On Handwork” the value of fiber crafts. A video featuring Renate Hiller on her perception of the value of textiles and fiber crafts in our world. More information about Renate Hiller can be found at their website, Fiber Craft Studio.

Book reviews – From My Bookshelf

The Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Workbook by Rachel Brown

Barnyard Banter– slang expressions that originated on the farm

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Off topic Topics or Guests– Discussions on the various fiber crafts, each show will look closer at aspects of a particular craft or an occasional guest

TdF is not a race but rather a personal challenge in your spinning. $50 socks for love or money? Selling patterns in Ravelry.

Ravelry Tips– ways to get the most out of Ravelry

Join Ravelry if you haven’t already.

How to set up a shop in Ravelry to sell your patterns as a PDF file in Ravelry and make money on your creations.

Donate to Ravelry as a way of saying thank you for providing a community for fiberholics.

Songs to Spin By– some music to spin or knit by, featuring a new artist or song each show

Robbing Peter to Pay Pauline by Andrew Dean and The Farm Machine

Courtesy of MusicAlley.com

Thank you everyone for your donations to the podcast. I couldn’t go on without your generous support.

Thank you for listening, see you next time.

Song Credits

Wren Ross blog "Stories of Fiber"
Wren Ross blog “Stories of Fiber

Songs used in the show all by: Wren Ross
Ba Ba Blacksheep
It Had to Be Ewe
76 Stitches
You can find more about Wren Ross at her blog

Blog and Show Notes: www.bowpeep.wordpress.com
Ravelry ID: BowPeep
Ravelry Group: BaBaBlacksheep
Send your questions or comments: blacksheep.bowpeep@gmail.com

Copyright 2011 by Ba Ba Blacksheep

About bowpeep

I have a flock of sheep and am a fiberholic with a podcast, Ba Ba Blacksheep.
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1 Response to Episode #31 – For Love And Money

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    Holy Cow that’s a LOT of fiber you plan to spin!! I’ll be lucky if I get through four ounces in the course of the TdF…but I am spinning on my antique saxony, so it’s all good.

    Joe’s garden is beautiful.

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