Ba Ba Blacksheep is a podcast hosted by BowPeep, a shepherdess who hasn’t lost her sheep, but maybe her mind.  Before this happens she wants to share what she’s learned after becoming a fiberholic. She shares Life on the Farm with her flock of sheep and her fibery pursuits as she careens down the slippery slope.

6 Responses to About

  1. Susan Moore says:

    First ~ Happy Birthday

  2. Susan Moore says:

    Well, where did that go so fast?
    You read a poem from your friend about getting old. I would love to have the name of that poem if you want to share.
    Thanks, Susan Moore, Tolland, MA
    smarter now about buying fleece

  3. Susan Moore says:

    so, do you sell the finn fleece? you’ve got me interested now.

    • bowpeep says:

      Yes, I do sell my Finn fleece. I am taking reservations now for Spring 2012 fleeces. I am getting this year’s fleece out now to my customers and they will have first choice on reservations. I’ll post on Ravelry in the Ba Ba Blacksheep group. I will be posting probably in the next week with a list of colors, sex and maturity of the fleeces that will be available. Thanks for asking!

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